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It’s unreal to think that eight full years have passed since this amazing little boy joined our family. We are daily inspired by his passion, his understanding and his enthusiasm for life. Over the last year, our family has embarked upon the Harry Potter series and he is engrossed in everything about this magical world. We have had so much fun devouring these stories together and I can’t say enough about how much more I appreciate them as a parent than I did when I first read them as young adult. I am thrilled to think that these young wizards might be role models for him. I love the values they exude and I hope that he embraces them fully! When he wanted to take Harry Potter photos for his birthday this year, I secretly couldn’t have been happier. I think these images capture him perfectly at eight and I know they will bring back so many happy memories for him later in life. Paxton, we love you and are so very proud of you! Happy happy birthday to you!

What an honor it was to capture these precious moments of this family celebrating the arrival of their newest member. Sweet Holland Elisabeth was only two weeks old when we took these photos. It was a joy to watch her parents and big brothers welcome her with such love and affection. Holly, you are one blessed little girl to belong to such a special family. Katie and Ed, thank you for letting me capture some memories of this new chapter. Much love to you all!

I’m continuing to revisit all the photos from last fall’s mini sessions and I wanted to share some from my first round in the Old Cactus Garden. These lovely families joined me for photos on a Saturday evening and the skies blessed us with the most beautiful glow. I love all the colors they wore and how they popped out perfectly among the cacti. Absolute perfection all around!