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Goodbye Fergie, we’ll miss you!

This last weekend we said goodbye to our beloved bulldog, Fergie. She was 12 1/2 years old which is quite a feat for for a bully so we were very lucky to have her around as long as we did. She joined our family 11 years ago and quickly became a Willoughby…traveling, going to the beach, eating out at restaurants, etc… She joined us on a number of trips and even a few airplane rides. She LOVED riding in the car and “dancing” for her treats. As our friends and family all know, Fergie was a sweetheart and many will remember her signature paw in the air when she wanted some love. She joined us in Julian with the Boykins last weekend and passed away peacefully in her sleep on Saturday night. We thought it fitting to celebrate her life with a few photos. Fergs, Fergalicious, Fergstress, Fergles, Fergolina, Miss Fergie…we will miss you lots and we’re so glad you were a part of our lives. We were better for it. We love you!


Picture taken by Carey Schumacher of Barefoot Memories