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Cyrus turns one!

You may remember little Cy and his parents, Rachael and Jason, from a family session back in January. Well, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter and I had the pleasure of joining him and his family at his first birthday party which was incredible! In Korean culture, a child’s first birthday is celebrated with the traditional Tol celebration complete with the ceremonial clothes and table as well as Toljabee event. You can see some of the fun below…

This was a shot of Cyrus before he got dressed in his ceremonial birthday attire.


Rachael warned me that the little ones always protest the dressing part of the event and Cyrus did not disappoint 😉



He recovered quickly though and was all smiles.


He sat on his special seat and looked just like a king 🙂




The toljabee is the part of the celebration where the child is given several objects to choose from and the one he picks is an indication of his future. Cyrus had a $100 bill, a computer mouse, a book, and two pencils to choose from.


I think he made his Grandparents proud 🙂


There were so many adorable little ones there to wish Cyrus a “happy birthday.”


The flowers were done by a family member visiting from Korea and they were so impressive, just gorgeous!


The cake was from the Opera Cafe and I must say, I will be going there for a cake of my own. The pistachio and pomegranate filling was to die for.


The family prepared an incredible spread of food that was not only beautiful, but so tasty!


Cyrus did try to make a break for it at one point, but Rachael retrieved him 🙂


Thanks so much, you three for having me be a part of Cy’s big day! The party was so festive and fun 🙂 I hope you enjoy your pictures!