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Best Camera Tips & Tricks // Different Viewpoints

So if you’ve been following the Best Camera Tips and Tricks series, I’ve been talking a lot about composition and giving youView full post »

Best Camera Tips & Tricks // Negative Space

I named this series Best Camera Tips & Tricks because the idea is that the best camera around is the one that you have in your hand.View full post »

Best Camera Tips & Tricks // Filling the Frame

So I decided to continue on with the composition theme and give you another useful tip for making the content of your photos even moreView full post »

Best Camera Tips & Tricks // Composition

Last week, I wrote a post describing and discussing how to find light for your photographs. This week I wanted to touch on just one tip forView full post »

Best Camera Tips & Tricks // Finding Light

Photography is literally, “light writing,” so when talking about photography it’s absolutely essential to talk aboutView full post »

The best camera around is…

the one in your hand! Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a fancy camera or an iPhone. If it’s the one that youView full post »