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The best camera around is…

the one in your hand! Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a fancy camera or an iPhone. If it’s the one that you carry with you, then it’s the one that will get used. I have a fancy camera, but I don’t always carry it with me. Heck, it’s way too cumbersome when you have a one year old and a four year old in tow. Most of the time, I have my trusty iPhone in my hand and that is what I use to take pictures of my family. It works and when you know what you’re doing, it works great 🙂

So based on questions and feedback from clients and friends, I’ve decided to start a series on my blog with some tips and tricks for using your camera to take better pictures of the ones you love. These are going to be tips that you’ll find helpful no matter what kind of camera you’re using. If you’re not signed up to receive my blog updates in your email box, do it now so you’ll be sure to get these yummy tips when they are hot off the press. The first one is coming tomorrow and you won’t want to miss it! I promise 🙂

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