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Best Camera Tips & Tricks // Filling the Frame

So I decided to continue on with the composition theme and give you another useful tip for making the content of your photos even more interesting and beautiful. This tip is crazy EASY!!! Ready for it…move in closer. That’s right, all you need to do is move in a step five or ten steps closer to your subject and fill up the frame before you take the photo.

Often, we think that we are filling up our frame and really getting in there, but the truth is our picture is cluttered with distracting elements that take away from the subject. Get in closer than you think you need to and then a little more. If you have a zoom lens, that’s another way to fill up your frame. Heck, do both…step in and zoom. The idea is that by filling the frame of your photo, you will make your picture more interesting to look at, better showcase the subject, and maybe even add some drama. I mean, who doesn’t want more drama 🙂

Here are three images with the couple standing in the same spot. They didn’t move a bit. I did! You can see how much the image changes. There’s nothing wrong with any of them, but you can certainly see how filling more of the frame can remove the distracting elements in the background and really bring your eye to their happy faces.

Here are some more examples to illustrate…