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Best Camera Tips & Tricks // Composition

Last week, I wrote a post describing and discussing how to find light for your photographs. This week I wanted to touch on just one tip for improving the composition of your photos. It’s called the Rule of Thirds.

It’s not an uncommon habit for most people to pick up their camera, look through the viewfinder, place their subject right smack in the middle, and click…call it done. It’s true that centering your subject in the middle of the frame is not always a bad idea, but you can very quickly make your photos feel more balanced and interesting by breaking that habit. The Rule of Thirds is based on the idea that you can break an image into thirds both horizontally and vertically – see the grid below. Then rather than positioning your subject in the square in the center, try placing them on one of the four intersections. In the image below, the bride and groom are positioned around the upper right intersection. As an added bonus, the tree on the left balances out the space and the picture has a more natural and pleasant feel to it. Scroll on down to see a few more…


And just for fun, here are some more that I grabbed from my instagram feed. All of these were taken on my iPhone, but still show how the Rule of Thirds comes into play when snapping a quick pic 🙂

It doesn’t matter if you’re using your iPhone, DSLR, or anything in between…just start experimenting. Take your subject out of the center and try a few different variations of an image. You’ll be surprised how much an image will change with a slightly different composition. And make sure you get future goodness by signing up to receive these posts by email 🙂

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